Privacy Policy

All the content on Redmanga is collected from the internet or uploaded by the user. After checking the content’s nature that if it meets the policy of our website we allow it.

In no event we are not liable in the damage or any loss brought forth to the users in using this website. The contents hosted on this website does not include any violent or hate-promoting related social agenda. All the contents are meant for entertainment and for the people of all age

We DO NOT Create or Redistribute The Content on the website, We Aggregate them from the internet or is uploaded by users. The site is used to share content we are not responsible for any damage. Please Visit DMCA section of the website for content removals.

Allowed Content

The allowed content on the website is completely in compilance with the Ethical Policies.

Very Slight Nuditity may be allowed.

Not Allowed Content

The content not allowed on our website are, [H*ntai, l0li, Shot@c0n, D0uj!ns, $mut, Und3rAg3 Nuditity, Vi0lence, Any hidden agenda, Racism, Licensed Content (English)]

Comment Policy

All the comments on the website are checked properly before being approved using Disqus